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Meijer - Wi-Fi Refresh Project

Full Wi-Fi Refresh completed in coordination with the Meijer Team

Project Scope

Meijer approved funding for a Wi-Fi Refresh Project to redesign and update AP locations throughout their existing stores. The project scope encompassed about 245 existing Meijer stores. Post surveys were included in the project scope to validate the placements, heights, and orientations of the APs as they were installed by a third-party cabling crew.

Project Results

In this current project, WZC takes the updated floorplans of renovated Meijer stores and updates the grid, AP models, and AP placements both within and around the store based on the floor layout and customer’s needs. Equipment is ordered, staged, and delivered by WZC technicians and installed according to the design by a third party cabler. Our technicians visit the store after installation is completed to perform a passive (post-site) survey to accurately validate the results.

During a passive survey, a technician walks the building using the Ekahau sidekick or sidekick equivalent to gather survey data of the existing network within the location. Survey results (heatmaps) along with notes of issues are delivered to the customer via SharePoint for easy access.

Customer Bio

Meijer was founded as a family-owned grocerystore in 1934 just after the depression. The Grand Rapids, MI headquarteredcompany had annual sales of $16.1 billion in 2015 and has around 77,000employees. Meijer operates over 300 stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana,Illinois, Wisconsin and Kentucky. The supercenter stores offer groceries aswell as departments such as fashion, automotive, home decor, health and beautycare, pharmacy, electronics, and banking. Meijer pioneered the idea of asuperstore when, in 1962, it opened its first "Thrifty Acres," a foodand general merchandise store that allowed customers to shop for everythingthey needed with just one trip to the store.


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