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With more than 20 years of experience in RF Engineering, WZC are industry leaders in all facets.

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Indoor/Outdoor Wireless. DAS. Wireless Network Infrastructure Implementation. All of that and so much more.

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WZC Networking systems can be used to track inventory that has been electronically tagged, including tools, safety gear, plant equipment, and prototypes. We work with companies including heavy, light, and high-tech; assembly, process manufacturing, made-to-order, custom manufacturing, job shop, and more.

Our wireless systems help to enhance the student experience by providing connectivity for laptops, tablets and other learning devices. We work with each institution to create a customized solution. Additionally, with WZC Networking systems, educational institutions can electronically track assets such as laptops, notebooks, and tablets, ensuring valuable equipment is not lost. We work with preschool, K-12, trade schools, universities and other educational settings.

WZC Networking offers a variety of services suited for the healthcare industry. For example, microchipped wristbands or leg bands help ensure that patients (such as newborn babies) are always in the correct areas. Pagers, cell phones, tablets, and other valuable assets can be tagged and tracked. Institutions we help include clinics, hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation facilities, dental offices, and any other type of healthcare setting.

Our systems will electronically track dispatch equipment, radios, computers, cell phones, public works equipment such as power tools, automotive equipment such as portable battery chargers, and more. We work with government offices, police and fire departments, public works facilities, road and highway facilities, and more.

WZC Networking provides wireless connectivity services for your business, including installation of RF transmitters and wireless access points so your employees and customers can connect to your systems, when and where they need them. Safeguard your inventory, computer and communications equipment, and much more with our wireless tracking systems. Includes companies of all types and sizes, start-ups, and retail operations.

We provide wireless connectivity for your guests, whether they are on a cruise ship or in a multi-story hotel. WZC Networking can help you protect valuable electronics, tools, and commercial equipment with wireless tagging systems. Companies we help include lodging, restaurants, cruise lines, theme parks, tourism and event planning companies, and more.

WZC Networking provides wireless connectivity solutions that ensures your business can communicate when and where it counts the most. In an age where success is reliant on constant, consistent communication with your team, WZC has you covered.

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