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Wireless/RF Design & Planning

Create specialized wireless network designs to fit your business needs.

Commissioning, Construction, & Configuration

Full-service turnkey solutions, customized for every customer.

Service & Maintenance

We stand by our wireless network solutions with extensive support and maintenance services for all our customers.

Smart Hands

WZC offers a large staff of certified technicians, who provide top of the line on-site and remote support solutions.

WZC Networking offers a wide variety of wireless/RF design and planning services.

AP on a stick surveys - Live, on-site designs conducted by certified technicians. Our most accurate and time-intensive option, this is the best choice for a large-scale, highly detailed network design.

Passive surveys - A verified technician walks a site using a wireless Ekahau sidekick kit. Unobtrusive and faster than an AP on a stick survey, a passive survey is useful for customers with locations that already have an existing infrastructure who are looking to confirm existing coverage or highlight problem areas.

Predictive modeling - Using state of the art design technology, predictive modeling consists of designing a Wi-Fi network using customer provided layouts.

Spectrum Analysis - a Spectrum Analyzer is a crucial tool for understanding and optimizing WiFi networks. It allows you to visualize the WiFi spectrum, optimize network performance, and troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues.

ERRS/Cellular Grid Testing - A verified technician walks a customer's site using industry standard grid-testing equipment. Testing county verified frequencies or cellular-carrier frequencies, our grid tests will confirm a passing or non-passing grade for all customer sites.

Our services in this area extend to a very broad range. We offer specialized services aimed at improving your network under any of our supported vendors, in addition to the services offered below:

- Outdoor Plant Construction – Aerial and Underground
- Indoor Plant Construction
- Pole and Cabinet Setting
- Headend Buildout – Rack and Stack
- Coax Installation and Termination
- PIM and Sweep Certification
- Fiber Splicing, Termination and Testing
- Antenna Installation Including Stealth
- Commissioning and Integration
- Post Data Collection
- Carrier Integration
- Mounting Fabrication
- Civil Construction
- Electrical Services

We stand by our wireless network solutions and offer full support to maintain them based on the client’s needs. In addition, we can provide extensive service and maintenance support to an existing program on systems not Engineered or constructed by WZC in accordance of the Service Level Agreements.

WZC Networking's Smart Hands solutions are handled by certified technicians who act as on-site installers and troubleshooters in case any issues arise with your equipment or devices. Our Smart Hands capabilities allow customers the opportunity to delegate IT management, installation, and maintenance tasks to WZC technicians. Smart Hands prevents the customer from having to deploy their own staff to a site, allowing them to focus on day-to-day tasks.

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