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SMART Bus - Wireless Refresh

Full wireless for SMART Bus

Project Scope

Coordinate and provide the management, pre-site survey,design, installation, commissioning, and post-site survey of a full wirelessrefresh. Project encompassed an estimated 472,449 square ft, 34 new indoor APs,39 outdoor APs, over 200 estimated labor hours, and had a total budget of over $200,000.

Project Results

Prior to the start of the project, WZC scheduled a kickoff meeting toconfirm the project scope, timing, equipment, confirmation of team members tobe included in communicationupdates, and source of written communication (excel, share point, etc.)regarding updates to the project and final documentation. Project management iskey throughout any project.

Once theequipment was ordered and received, WZC technicians checked inventory, staged,and preconfigured all equipment for the project.

Pre-Site Surveys were scheduled next toassess the current wireless environment. Pre-Site surveys analyze/determine where access points will need to beplaced for proper coverage/data throughput requirements. The current wi-fidesign is avoided and a new design is generated. Existing 2.4GHz & 5GHz wireless RSSI readings wererecorded. Pre-site survey documentation included heatmaps, AP detailssection, BOM, and Spectrum Analysis sections.

WZC provided andinstalled 15 new runs of CAT6 plenum-rated cabling for 15 new access points. Existingcable paths and supports were used where possible. Cable support was addedwhere needed, and patch cords for both ends of the cable were provided. Allcables were tested.

Our technicians installedand terminated 6-strand multimode fiber for the new outdoor access points and installedand terminated additional fiber runs for indoor access points. Existing cablepaths and supports were used where possible.

Single modefiber for outdoor access points were installed and terminated as well asadditional fiber runs for indoor access points as needed.

All new APs werethen staged and labeled.

All existinginternal and external access points were uninstalled via ladder or lift, encompassing34 external access points and 32 internal access points.

WZC techniciansphysically installed the estimated 39 new internal access points APs below the dropceiling using standard AP brackets, based on approved design from the Pre-Sitesurvey. Likewise, the estimated 41 external access points were physicallyinstalled via lift or ladder.

Afterinstallation, WZC patched into the existing network at each of the AP locationsand noted the AP MAC addresses on excel spreadsheet.

Configurationwas next for the WLAN SSID's of the new network along with configuration of theaccess point names (hostnames) on each access point at each site. Firewallinstallations were included in this configuration stage.

The final stepwas walking the building once more to conduct a Post-Site Survey. Post SiteSurveys provide validation and review of the new and current design. Existing2.4GHz & 5GHz wireless RSSI readings were recorded in all internal andexternal areas. Post Site Survey documentation was then created, including,heatmaps of the readings and a recommendations text section.

Additionally, WZCoffers training to the customer’s IT staff on the newly installed network/wireless environment as part of the hand-off. This includes up to 2 four-hourtraining sessions on the features, interface, and basic use of the system.

Customer Bio

SMART, (Suburban Mobility Authority for RegionalTransportation), is a regional bus system in Southeast Michigan. Their mission is to provide the southeast Michiganregion with high-quality, safe, and cost-effective public transit that meetsthe needs of all its citizens, including seniors, people with disabilities,choice riders and those that are dependent upon public transit. Locationsinclude the Buhl building, Macomb Terminal, Oakland Terminal, Royal OakTerminal, and Wayne Terminal.


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