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DAS & Cellular

WZC Networking offers A-Z solutions in all aspects of DAS and Cellular. From initial design all the way through installation and commissioning, we've got you covered.


Networks operate by connecting computers and peripherals using two pieces of equipment - switches and routers. These two pieces of equipment let the devices connected to your network communicate with each other as well as talk to other networks.

The Process

In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) have become a critical part of both carrier cellular networks and enterprise infrastructure. But as the technology has evolved over the last 20 years it has become increasingly complex. We here at WZC Networking offer custom solutions aimed at crafting the perfect plan for your DAS & Cellular systems.

A DAS is a network of antennas that sends and receives cellular signals on a carrier’s licensed frequencies, thereby improving voice and data connectivity for end-users.

In its most simplified form, a DAS has two basic components:

1 - A signal source

A Distributed Antenna System, as the name implies, “distributes” signal. But it generally doesn’t generate the cellular signal itself. A DAS needs to be fed signal from somewhere. Whether it's 4G LTE or 5G, there are four typical signal sources: off-air (via an antenna on the roof), an on-site BTS (Base Transceiver Station), and finally the newest approach: small cells.

2 - Distribution system

Once received, the cellular signal must be distributed throughout the building. There are four main types of distribution systems: active (using fiber optic or ethernet cable), passive, hybrid, and digital.

WZC Networking offers specialized solutions in all aspects of DAS and Cellular. Pinpointing a signal source to use as a reference for a DAS system, designing a DAS system with our specialized software, to implementing the system with our certified technicians.


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