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Enterprise Wi-Fi

Every successful project needs a concrete foundation to work off of. WZC begins with a comprehensive client debriefing to establish the client’s specific needs and goals.


Enterprise Wi-Fi Design and Planning can be accomplished via a large variety of approaches, including but not limited to - AP on a stick surveys, passive Wi-Fi surveys, Wi-Fi predictive modeling, ERRS and Cellular grid testing, and drone/LIDAR surveys.

The Process

AP on a stick surveys - A verified technician walks a site using a customized kit that includes a live broadcasting access point suited to fit the customer's design needs. Said access point is then used to create a live, on-site design solution to provide Wi-Fi access in all required areas. This is the most time intensive of the survey/design options but also the most accurate, as it provides us with live data of the site construction for design purposes. AP on a stick surveys are best suited for greenfield sites with no existing infrastructure or sites with outdated infrastructure which require a full (or mostly full) wireless refresh of cabling and access points.

Passive surveys - A verified technician walks a site using a wireless Ekahau sidekick kit. Unobtrusive and faster than an AP on a stick survey, a passive survey is useful for customers with locations that already have an existing infrastructure who are looking for a validation survey to confirm their wireless is functioning as intended or to highlight problem areas that may require additional remediation.

Predictive modeling - Using state of the art design technology, predictive modeling consists of designing a Wi-Fi network using customer provided layouts. Full professional documentation is provided post-design, fully outlining all facets of the remotely designed system in detail.

Spectrum Analysis - a Spectrum Analyzer is a crucial tool for understanding and optimizing WiFi networks. It allows you to visualize the WiFi spectrum, optimize network performance, and troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues. It is a useful addition to any of the live on-site surveys above, as it provides additional details to the customer's network, specifically in regards to network usage and interference.

ERRS/Cellular Grid Testing - A verified technician walks a customer's site using industry standard grid-testing equipment. Testing county verified 700-800MHz frequencies or cellular-carrier frequencies, our grid tests will confirm a passing or non-passing grade for all customer sites.


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