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ERCES Systems

Full service ERCES solutions, from initial planning/design to installation and commissioning.


WZC offers full-scope ERCES solutions, from initial grid testing through installation and final sign off.

The Process

ERCES systems begin with a preliminary grid test to determine if a site achieves a passing grade, and also whether or not a site has a suitable signal strength from a reference point (usually a rooftop). If a system is determined to be a viable solution for said site, WZC moves on to designing a system and creating a bill of materials.

System designs entail the use of industry standard iBwave design software, ensuring that the proposed construction will not only be the most ideal layout available, but also be up to any and all code requirements.

Once system designs are completed, installation begins.

WZC offers a broad range of installation options for ERCES systems.

Interior coax cabling for all internal antennas, installation of BDA & BBU, donor antenna installation, non-pen roof mount and donor antenna cable installation, and installation of antennas.

Commissioning services are also offered from certified network technicians.

Once installation is completed and the system is up and running, a final post-site grid test is conducted to ensure that the system is functioning as intended.

A final inspection and walkthrough with the county/necessary parties is then completed, at which point the system is considered fully operational.


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