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Wireless Bridging

Wireless point-to-point bridging services for long range data transmission.


WZC offers wireless, point-to-point bridging services, executed by certified technicians. Our licensed tower climbing team reach almost any location, and our experience team of technicians and project managers can assist with everything from initial drone/LIDAR surveys all the way through cabling, installation and commissioning.

The Process

A point to point bridge is a wireless link which allows you to transmit data from one location to another in a seamless fashion. Wireless bridging, otherwise known as a “point to point bridge”, operates generally at high speed, with a wireless microwave transmitter on each side of the link.

A wireless point to point bridge generally requires a fast microwave transmitter/receiver on each side, to transmit digital packets from one location to another. The point to point link also requires an antenna on each end to allow data to transmit from one location to another.

WZC Networking assists with all aspects of wireless bridge designing and implementation.

Drone surveys allow us to scope out any specific areas to assist with designing, and LIDAR surveys provide data to ensure that your wireless bridge has a clear line of sight and will operate to maximum efficiency.

Our dedicated tower climbing crew is licensed to run CAT6 or other cabling from the base of the location all the way up to the radio on the tower, and are equipped with specialized equipment to ensure alignment occurs efficiently and accurately.

Our certified technician team is qualified to stage, install, and commission your wireless bridging system.


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